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Fluid_scape (Shanghai , China)

Free forms

Free forms

Volumes of which the tools by which they were generated, are not obvious.

Digital cities

Digital cities

Parametric Urban designs, generated through city scale parameters.

Parametric buildings

Parametric buildings

Volumes generated by scripting relations between design parameters. Relations are scripted using mathematical numbers and formulae. Associated terms are Algorithmic design, Architectural form finding.


  We pursue the parametric design paradigm all the way, penetrating into all corners of the discipline. Systematic, adaptive variation and continuous differentiation concerns all architectural design tasks from urbanism to the level of tectonic detail. This implies total fluidity on all scales....
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added on 26 February 2011


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about the online documentation platform on non-orthogonal buildings. The motivation and relevance of the free-D project is based on the increasing degree of geometrical variation and complexity in non-orthogonal buildings worldwide.
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